Back In Bizness

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After a brief hiatus, we decided to give the blog a whole new makeover. The changes are not just cosmetic, we will also be seriously looking into and bringing you the latest in unheard but amazing talent. Also the content of the site will vary between several things that interest us! Hope you enjoy!


Ice Scream Bandit

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After the brief hiatus, our Agency has recruited a new agent! Codename: Ice Scream Bandit, try saying that name 3 times fast lol! Ice Scream has already posted some news on several new artists! Check out the new intel on Iglu and Hartly and Dance Gavin Dance


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EDotDizzy has been working hard perfecting his lyrical craft on his recent mixtape! Dizzy where that hook gon' be? He don't need no hook on this beat or mixtape, I should say. Nonetheless, hook or no hook everyone will find a song that they enjoy. Link to the mixtape is right at this link: Dizzyana!

Musical Addiction

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Melanie Fiona is emerging with buzz due to her previous cover of KanYe West's "Heartless" and currently has a single called "Give It To Me Right" from her debut Album THE BRIDGE. Cop her latest Mixtape featuring ?uestlove of the ILLADELPHONICS!

Flash G

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Flash G has a new mixtape! Yezzur and that mixtape is called Birth Of A Hero! Flash G recently had a track called "TRANSFORM" which was being considered for the film score of TRANSFORMERS Revenge of the Fallen! You can read about that at this link: Flash G: Transform

Grizzly Bear - On A Neck, On A Spit

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It's has been a while, I do apologise for the hiatus; I have been quite distracted from blogger due to work, twitter, summer vacation on holiday and several other distractables.

Now enough excuses, what you want is fresh music that is new and different. So I present to you my latest addition to my wide and vast array of ecletic sounds that litter the shelves in my mind and in my abode.

Grizzly Bear! RAAAAAWWWWRRR!!!! They're actually not that ferocious in the least hahahaha! The song is great!

Anyway, please enjoy :]

The Hip Hop Ordeal Vol. 1

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Okay here we go a collection of Hip Hop single that was being distributed for free. I decided to pack them up in this album.

Here you go: The Hip Hop Ordeal

Tell them Ice Scream bandit sent you lol

~Ice Scream Bandit~
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DataRock - Video Bloc party

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DataRock is my newly acquired obsession right now, take a peek at why I like them so much.

If you're feeling them, you can get their tracks as well :]


DataRock - Give It Up


Mew - Introducing Palace Players

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Mew has been hard at work creating some new sounds, out of their new sound,

I really enjoy this one especially.

I can't really decipher what is taking place in the video that correlates to the
song lol.

It is off of their new EP (Early Production) called: No More Stories.

Some may enjoy the disorganised sound and other may shudder hahaha hopefully'
the latter is not the case.

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New video for Jay-Z's BluePrint 3 album. The video is feels like it belongs to Rihanna instead of Jay-Z.


-ArzNova- Respect My Conglomerate


Caught A Case of the Virus

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The attack was silent, but deadly! Unbeknownst to me, my computer had been compromised to an attack! I didn't know when, where or how the attack happened! All I know is the virus cutoff my access to the internet!

I couldn't even access my control panel! Dread came upon me as I found an unfamiliar program running in my taskmanager...the culprit was an unassumingly innocent alphabet; the b.exe virus had been running covertly and intermingling with my other executable programs.

Frantically, I scoured the first few days attempting to figure out instructions in ridding my system of this vile scourge! Arming myself with anti-viral software I performed electronic surgery removing, extracting and quarantining all 21 viruses that had infected my system! The last few evenings were spent diagnosing and reapplying several important components to assist my PC and get it back on its feet. Thankfully, the anti-biotics have kicked in and the end result is an up and running PC!

Program used:

Malwarbytes Anti Malware

Ad Aware

Zone Alarm

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Long Live the Queen!

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Whitney Houston recently revealed that she was teaming back up with sir Clive Davis for her latest album tentatively titled I LOOK TO YOU which is due to release August 31, 2009.

I'm really loving this song she has created with the hired help of
Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys!

I don't even know what a Million Dollar note looks like but I assume holding one in your hand would bring more value to the person.


Whitney Houston - Million Dollar Bill
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Japandroids Lets transform

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I found these guys by accident, but it was well worth it. They have a out of the garage sound. The band is made up of two guys, but their have so much sound coming from these guys. I hope you digg.

Rockers East Vancouver - Japandroids

~Ice Scream Bandit~
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Don't Die or Else

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I found this song please "Don't die" by Bun-B, Talib Kweli, and Colin Munroe on the "Streets have no name" album produced by K-salaam. This is my favorite song, but There is a whole list of great songs, and talented artist on this album ranging from U-N-I to Young Buck so much talent. I hope you enjoy

Bun B, Talib Kweli, & Colin Munroe - Dont Die (Prod. by Beatnick & K-Salaam) - K-Salaam & Beatnick Present: Bun B, Talib Kweli, & Colin Munroe

You could download the albumHere

~Ice Scream Bandit~
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KENNA - Imitation Is Suicide

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If you have never heard of Kenna, then you are truly missing out. In the realm of music he is a pioneer, ushering a new sound for a new generation of listeners who are willing to listen to his message.

Kenna never fails to deliver and yet again he delivers another masterpiece for our self conscious minds. Listen and think. Off the new album "Land 2 Air Chronicles"


Kenna - Imitation Is Suicide

-Arz Nova - Respect My Conglomerate
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